Young mother, 22, slams ‘inconsiderate’ commuters who refused to give up seats on packed train forcing her to breastfeed baby son on floor

  • Sophie Molineux, 22, was forced to sit on a train floor as she breastfed her baby
  • She and her partner stood up, taking turns carrying the baby on the journey

Sophie Molineux, 22, was travelling from Shropshire to Ludlow Castle for a day out with her partner Rob Moore, 25, when she was forced to breastfeed baby Chester, one, on a ‘filthy’ train floor (pictured main). Miss Molineux (inset with Chester) said other passengers ‘refused to acknowledge her’ and there were ‘so many who would have been able to stand up’ and offer her a seat. She added plenty more walked past her while she was breastfeeding but still made no offer to help and she added she hoped to raise awareness so people might be ‘more considerate’ in the future.

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