Angela Merkel tells Boris Johnson a Brexit deal to ditch the backstop CAN be done ‘in the next 30 days’ but warns Germany is prepared for No Deal in face-to-face meeting in Berlin

  • annn123

Angela Merkel delivered a Brexit boost to Boris Johnson today as she said ditching the backstop was possible if the UK can come forward with a practical and workable alternative within the next 30 days as she also insisted Germany is ready for a No Deal split. The German Chancellor said if the UK could solve the ‘conundrum’ of the Irish border protocol then she would be willing to listen to the proposals. Mr Johnson welcomed the ‘blistering timetable of 30 days’ as he said he agreed the ‘onus is on us to produce those solutions’ as he suggested the previous government led by Theresa May had failed to adequately set out alternatives.

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